But in time
you’d understand
what kept me
from falling.

The wind
stopped blowing
for some time.

I walked away
tired and hopeless
from the edge
of the precipice.


Lion City & wild friends

The Lion City welcomed us in its perfectly ordered jungle beaming with joy. It was our first time traveling abroad with no one to really guide us so it felt like we just got out of our own cage in the form of our country. Everything was new and exciting and wonderful. Everyone are different and unique and beautiful. Singapore is a fast-paced place best shared with friends and I’m very lucky to have traveled with mine disguising as wild creatures but with really kind hearts.


not welcome

It’s in that moment
when our eyes locked
and your gaze
doesn’t feel the same
that I felt shame
for entering
a maze
with no end.
But then again,
I wasn’t welcomed
in the first place.


a Batangas escampism

Camping is one of those movie scenes I want to experience and our short escapade to this little beach brought to life an unforgettable moment that helped build our friendship. The conversation we had may have faded just like how the fire eventually lost its spark that night, but the cold sea will remember our whispers, the wind will still carry our tears away, and the stars in the sky will remain witness to the special bond that was formed.


feel no more

Some clouds move faster than the other clouds.

I guess it says so much about our hearts moving on.

But some days, there are no clouds at all.

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Mayon Volcano & other firsts

First times—things we never forget. The trip to Legazpi marked my first experience in riding one of the greatest inventions of all time, the airplane. And it wants to be remembered in a between-pesky-and-amusing way because before we landed in Albay we had to ride two airplanes with the thick clouds being the culprit, it was also the first time I kind of hated clouds for existing.

However, all our annoyance and discontent went away when we caught sight of the magnificent perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. It’s so beautiful you would stare at it every chance you get.

This vacation also marked the first of the numerous travel I’ll be having with my loves, the Zizis. And unlike the deserted Vanishing Island we visited, our friendship will remain.