Just Another List


Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the things we already know, but haven’t really cared about.

The main reason why I created this blog is to break free from my routine and out of my comfort zone. Now I’d like to share the other reasons why.

1. It would improve my writing skills.

I used to dream about becoming an author. I’d make up stories in my mind and start to write about them, only to find myself stuck somewhere. Aside from the characters and the plot and a few scenes here and there, I’d stop. I couldn’t continue. Until another story pops up and interests me more than the last one and I’d start writing and then I’d stop. I couldn’t continue. Again. So I gave up. I’ve collected the stories in my mind instead. I think they’re better off in my brain than on paper.

But I still think I could write for a living. You know like in a magazine or in a magazine or in a magazine. And this is a good practice for me. I only write when I need to pass something for school and that’s not every day. But since this is something I personally want to do and since this is a blog, the obligations are different. And that would make me write more often and in such a way I guess I’ll be better in it.

2. I could (hopefully would) meet new people.

I don’t have any friends outside of school, so.

Since anyone across the world could come upon my blog and read it, those who share the same interests as me could be my friend. The same way I could be a friend to people who I find I have a lot of common with. Okay, maybe that’s too fast forward, so an acquaintance would do. For now.

We feel good when we know there are people out there who think the same way we do, go through the same emotions as our own, or are fond of the same things. And because I’m not traveling yet, I believe blogging (at least for now) makes up for the beauty travel gives: meeting the most attractive and interesting creatures in the world, humans.

3. I don’t want any more regrets.

Most of the time it’s not the things that we did, but the things that we didn’t.

I had so many plans last year, like getting in shape and learning Hangul (Korean language), but I wasn’t able to accomplish them, let alone start one. And blogging was part of my plans. I thought I was going right on track on this one though, when I started using Tumblr. But no luck, I quit after a few weeks. It was a quick decision, one I didn’t think about too much, like when I had my hair dyed.

But unlike my hair, blogging didn’t turn out nice. After some personal posts I ended up doing what most of the Tumblr users do (reblog and love and reblog some more) and that was not original. I don’t think that I was sharing a part of me, which just contradicts the idea of blogging.

I was at fault because I didn’t prepare beforehand nor did I take it seriously. But if there’s one thing that I liked from this whole situation is that I was able to try and experience it myself.

Maybe some started out with the same reasons as mine. Or maybe some will start out with the same reasons as mine. Whichever it is, I hope I shared something of value to you. Everything I just said, you could have heard them a thousand times from everybody else, but I realized something a long while back:

No matter how common one might sound, a moment will come when what you’re hearing, or reading perhaps, will have an impact so big you’ll wonder what have I been doing all this time. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the things we already know, but haven’t really cared about.

Happy New Year everyone! I wasn’t able to greet on my first post, so.


9 thoughts on “Just Another List

    1. Thank you! I thought of that when I read something, probably a quote but I can’t remember now, and it just dawned on me that it has been there all the time, I just never bothered understanding it.

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