Bittersweet Sensations



It came off as a joke:

Knock! knock!
Who’s there?
Ruth who?

It’s not even funny. But I like it.

I’ve attached it to my name ever since. My name is Baby Ruth (yes, I’m serious) and though I don’t drink beer, I kind of like the sound of ruthbeer. Thus, the username babyruthbeer.

You see that could be a product.

A chocolate beer.
A chocolate beer that tastes bittersweet.

From there, Bittersweet was born. Bitter for the beer, sweet for the chocolate. When combined together makes a bittersweet chocolate beer. Wonderful.

Sensation came after that. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, sensation means a) something that causes or is the object of sensation and b) a state of excited interest or feeling.

This is a blog. And I’ve agreed to myself that I’ll be sharing to everyone anything that makes me excited, keeps me interested, and makes me feel all the emotions out there. Sensation is a beautiful word, I couldn’t just ignore it. And I think it’ll work well with bittersweet. Which I guess, I hope, it did.

The tagline is a self-made definition of Bittersweet Sensation: When the aftertaste of your feelings last. It’s simple and comprehensible. It’s short yet meaningful. It’s ordinary but imaginative. It’s me. And I like it.

So there you have it.

Bittersweet Sensations | Where the aftertaste of your feelings last

13 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sensations

      1. Haha awesome! I’m a fan of accents too although when I’m reading it always comes out British :/ in fact when I try to speak with an accent they sound nothing like they’re supposed to 🙂


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