On Choosing Happiness


We can’t always get what we want. That’s what I thought of after reading the post Weight by AWMT, talking about how equally hard it is to gain weight as much as to lose some.

But this is not about weight.

I remember back in 2010, I wanted to be transferred in another class than the one I was placed in, for it was a new school year. So me and a couple others tried figuring out how we could move, but turns out it’s only possible if you have a valid reason, which I don’t. I can’t put there: because some of my friends are there together with almost all of my previous classmates. In the end I stayed in the class where I really belonged and chose to be happy.

Just recently I did something for the benefit of my blog (which made me skip this assignment) but to no avail, I was not able to do it properly. I did not choose to be happy… yet. But I’m getting by, and am looking for alternatives. Well, all I wanna do is to change the background image but I couldn’t find a shot that will look pleasing and at the same time will complement the colors of this theme. Yeah.

Anyway we can’t always choose to be happy, like we can’t always get what we want. It seems as if even our efforts are sometimes not enough to acquire what we truly desire. Maybe it’s not really for us, or the time is just not right. But everything happens for a reason, they say. And we could either wait for that reason to come or look for it ourselves.

What is that something you want that you didn’t get? And have you found the reason why? Are you happy or you chose to be? Let me hear about it!


5 thoughts on “On Choosing Happiness

  1. Frankly speeking, I’m some always-happy guy. But some times (very few of course) I too feel that “even our efforts are sometimes not enough to acquire what we truly desire” thing. The one thing I wanted most in life is ‘I must be me’, I strive for this single thing all the time. But that is not possible everytime. Then I myself tap my shoulder and I speak to myself “U may not win every war Soldier-Boy.. Loosing teaches u how to win” and I move one. At the single moment, I chose to be happy even though I’m not..

    Anyway.. Every human is a despair one, except ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, haha….

    Thumbs Up lady!!

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    1. I must say that is my favorite line in the post. But even if that’s the thing, most of us continue to make efforts. We wouldn’t just give up on something that easily right?

      Losing teaches you how to win. YES! And there are a lot other lessons losing can bring. So I guess we should be less afraid to it.

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