Now I’m Confused


I stare at her with utter confusion.

That’s what I do whenever anyone is trying to tell me something I couldn’t believe or understand. Or when someone gets mad coz of some pathetic matter.

How fitting is that line from Cecelia Ahern’s novel Thanks for the Memories to me, or to us! There’s not a day we don’t get confused over anything. Or is it just me?

Anyway, let me tell you a story.

Something happened a while back which made me confused as hell. And it’s not just about a normal situation like when our professors are teaching Math or Science (in my case). It’s about a person I know who is very close to me that we share the same blood. The circumstance caused me a great deal of pain and it was the person who brought so much confusion.

I could not bring myself to believe that he could do such a thing considering I’ve known him for so long. It’s difficult to understand the way his mind works and how he could not express himself properly. Everyone around him is asking, guessing even and all he has to do was to say what’s right or not, but this person wouldn’t even nod or shake his head. One thing he’s good at is avoiding eye contact. And making himself look like a fool. Oh, and to strike as being unfortunate. Make those three things he’s good at.

So you see I’m confused, baffled, at his personality or attitude, behavior, whatever. Because it’s not just the events or occurrences that make us confused, but the people as well. Besides, most of the time, people do it exceptionally.

And until now, just like that, I stare at him with utter confusion.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Connect the Dots.
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