Sick Expectations


We shouldn’t always give in to what others expect of us.

The keyword is always. For I believe that there are some expectations that should be met. And some of them we already unknowingly do. But there are others that are just plain sick.

I’m fortunate enough to not have parents pressuring me on what they want me to be. Or what they like for me. But aside from our family, we have friends, partners, relatives, employers, and even neighbors whose expectations are always there. As if we’re asking for it. As if we needed it.

By the time you’re reading this, you’d know that I’m not gonna put up a list of the sick expectations I mentioned earlier. You could make that one yourself, just look around you and think. Nor I’m gonna ask you to stop meeting expectations. Coz we could all use some help to do that. What I’m telling you is to carefully choose and make wise decisions. Don’t let yourself be someone else because of the whispers of others. Stand up to what you believe in and continue walking on the road you yourself built.If-you-spent-your-lifeJust as I’m writing this, I couldn’t fully let go of the whole expectations idea. Coz after all, I myself have set certain expectations I want to meet. But then I know how to control me. I know what I can do and what I can’t. So failures don’t hurt much. And disappointments never last for long. One thing though, I can assure you that I’m fairly moving away from the expectations road and slowly building my own course.

This post is triggered by fayeluv’s Clash of Thoughts.


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