Confession: The Night I Smoked


One of my girlfriends has a bucket list before she turned 20. And she told me that she hasn’t crossed trying a cigarette off the list yet. So she asked me to do it with her. In which I said yes.

Smoking has a very bad reputation to me. To both of us, actually. So the moment we lighted the sticks then put them in our mouths, we felt… nothing. Seriously. We were laughing hard coz we kept on trying to copy the experts but we couldn’t.

A lot of things were going in our minds before smoking, but then while doing it, nothing. See, I couldn’t even describe properly our emotions or whatever. Maybe we were fascinated by the clouds of smoke coming from our mouth. Maybe we were disappointed because we thought differently of it. Or maybe we just really didn’t like it.

Nevertheless, it was an experience. And we kept it a secret because some people would just say anything, any judgment, once they knew. If there’s one thing, at least I helped her cross out another list.

This is in response to the bog event Confessional.

17 thoughts on “Confession: The Night I Smoked

  1. I also tried smoking more than a decade ago. I puffed but never inhaled. I don’t like the taste. Someone gave me a joint in college, I smoked it in the toilet but nothing happened, I didn’t get high because I did not inhale. And everyone thought I was a junkie because they smelled it from the outside, the smoke. My reputation went down the drain. I didn’t bother to correct the mistake. Who cares about image.


    1. Haha! The taste was.. ugh. Right after smoking, I ate something then brushed my teeth! I won’t try joint. Or anything more than that. They’re just not my thing.


  2. Haha, I recently made my own bucket list but smoking was not on it!

    Smoking is an acquired taste; not one I suggest anyone take up though.

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  3. I smoke, and you better not. It’s a foul and expensive habit. Bad Girl! Ok now it’s all over, you didn’t like it so that’s good. Hey BR, I just trampled all over your blog, are you doing good? I appreciate your coming by and liking my place. You have a nice place here, but I only found 1 like button. I can’t like what I can’t like. Now I’m all confused. Thanks for the look at you. Take care….

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    1. Let’s just say I’m my usual self again. No more drama I guess?

      That also made me confused! I checked my notifications and you seem to like three of my posts already. But the important thing is we both enjoy blogging, right?

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      1. Yep.. That is the point of all of this. To write or show whatever we think the universe needs. Input. I just thought you seemed a little sad, unhappy, not sad like you youngsters think. Blogging is a great way to let out the frustrations and anger, without bothering the living.


        1. Yes really. Until now my friends don’t know about this blog. It’s not that I am ashamed, but I want to keep it a secret for now. Also, I didn’t know that talking with beautiful strangers online would be great. I enjoy writing, and this blog proves it. 🙂 (That’s my first smiley after a few days! I think I need to use it more often starting now.)

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