I Almost Do | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

And I hope sometimes you wonder about me


The title itself could bring so much into mind. When the Red album came out, this was one of the first songs that I noticed and liked. It’s full of regret, bitterness, nostalgia, and heartache. But even if this song is certainly about a lost love, those three little words, I almost do, would get you every time you remember something you should’ve done.

But I picked an even more painful line. It’s a desire. For someone to think wonder about you. Sometimes. You’re not even asking for much. Just once in a while. I couldn’t relate firsthand on a romantic level. But every now and then, I wish to be in someone else’s mind. For someone to think wonder about me. For someone to remember me.

Coz that someone is on my mind.
Coz I think wonder about that someone.
Coz I remember that someone.

Heavy sigh.

Swift Aftertaste

Bitter: The taste of hope, expectation, and doubt if a person is thinking about you the way you do.

Sweet: The taste of your memories so vivid and flashbacks so clear.

Swift Discussion

Tell me about the person you want to think wonder about you.


6 thoughts on “I Almost Do | Swift Saturdays

  1. Yay 😀 Taylor Swift Saturday!! I love this.

    I haven’t got completely over my ex. He’s an idiot. I want him to wonder about me… Wonder how I’m doing? I’d like him to wonder if he made a mistake.
    He didn’t make a mistake, but I’d like him to feel like that just once. I’d like him to feel the need to see me.

    Sadly the guys who do feel that wonder for me, are the most toxic. Josh, Mickey… they both recently said they wanted to see me. It never happened though. Boys are idiots.


    1. This really made me smile. Especially that last line, boys are idiots. HA!

      It also gets annoying sometimes. Why do we have to feel that way? Why do we have to think of them? Why this why that? Ugh.


  2. Boys are just addictive. Love is addictive.

    It’s pants when you don’t have it, but wonderful when you do. It’s even better though when you feel ok about being single, because then you can be happy with just yourself. That’s worth more than any boy.

    You know this post made me think of one of my favourite albums, Mumford and Sons – Sign No More. The album is full of sadness and heartbreak for most people. But I used to be inspired by. I used to think that the love that inspired the album really must have been terrifically strong. For me, I used to see that album as hope, that love exists. (Who cares, if it ends badly, at least you did fall in love and had someone love you)


    1. I’m still waiting for that love you’re talking about. I’ve never been in love, or have someone love me in that way. But just like what you said, even if I’m single, I’m happy with myself!

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