We Are What We Are


This post is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Silver Screen. And since I couldn’t remember any quotes or lines, I just used the title of one of my favorite movies, We Are What We Are (2013).

I really like the film but I don’t know how to critique so this isn’t gonna be one. I highly recommend it though.

We are what we are. It is a statement. But I’m not sure if I deemed it true for myself or not. I haven’t thought about why I am what I am. Vague answers would be as a result of culture, environment, norms, and the like. Something more specific would be because of my family, friends, and people I personally know. But my mind is pointing at the mirror, suggesting that it’s all because of me. However, there is no precise reason why we are what we are. Most of us couldn’t even identify what we are.

we are what we areWe humans are complicated, mysterious, and unpredictable. We could change faster than the seasons or stop moving at all. A stand-alone novel or even a trilogy would not be able to document our story. And that’s just the story, what more our personalities? Who we are? What we are? A lifetime would come to pass but it couldn’t even capture half of us. There’s not even a proper word to describe us. It is not invented yet. Or will there ever be such a word?

This song from Hilary Duff is wonderful that most of us would find it agreeable. But even that could only be valid for a day.

For we are everything. We are nothing. We are what we are.


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