My Three Other Lives


Taking things to a different level give it another dimension. So aside from the responsibilities, I would also split my personality, making one trait dominant to a particular clone and the same goes on for the others. Not just that, I would also split the era where we belong. But still knowing full well what is happening all at once. That is if this is even possible. And if I could even clone myself.

But given the chance, I guess I’d clone three Baby Ruths.

The Victorian Era


I would be the one wearing purple. Baby Ruth would be modest and she’d stand for what she believes in. At the time when women are inferior and there are a lot of limitations, she would join the flock of feminists to fight for more rights that humans equally deserve. And maybe, just maybe, she’d explore women’s sexual desires as well.

The Marcos Regime


It’s hard to remain quiet during this time. So Baby Ruth is a courageous lady that speaks her mind. Standing on a stage in front of a raging crowd, she’s among the leaders of the anti-Marcos activists, being strong and brave on battling the twisted administration of who Ferdinand Marcos was.

The Roaring Twenties


I’m someone that most people would regard as unladylike. Or a flapper! Baby Ruth is rebellious in a fun and exciting way. Most likely I’d listen to jazz and engage in a lot of social events than a normal girl would. I wouldn’t smoke but perhaps I’d consider sex casually. Although I’m not sure if a bob would look good to me.

This is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Clone Wars. Click the photos for the credit.

I had fun writing this! Imagining me on different time period is just fascinating, delightful, and intriguing at the same time. But then reality hits me and dragged me back in front of my computer. Still, imaginations are good at times. It will make you happy even for a moment!

6 thoughts on “My Three Other Lives

  1. I like your play on this cloning prompt. Where most people have talked about a clone of themselves now, you have found a new depth to it and thought about a version of yourself in other times. Good twist!


  2. Hey, cool blog post! I stumbled onto your blog from the daily post, and I just wanted to tell you that it’s pretty great! I like your writing style- your voice really shines through:) Also, I like the way you’ve customized your blog-it looks great 🙂

    Not to sound to neeeeeedy or anything, but if you could please check out my blog and give me some feedback as well, I’d really appreciate it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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