I was once trapped
In a place I don’t like
Where I meet people
Different of all kinds

Some are great with small mistakes
Others try not to look fake
There’s the simple and the average
And there’s some who exaggerate

But I found time to know them all
And now I’m not alone anymore
In this place I don’t wanna be
I’m with people just like me

There’s also this group of blue dragons
Who looks like they’ll eat you in a dungeon
You’ll end up with your legs so wobbly
And curse everything that you will see

But the blue dragons turn out to be
All good creatures that look after me
They help me with things I don’t know
And teach some more I needed so

In this place, I found myself
As well as beings I have to face
Now I know how to live
A life so worthy you’ll always miss

But there comes the time I have to go
Leave this place but still go with the flow
Along this, I have to say goodbye
With everyone around me during this time

Those people, different of all kinds
The blue dragons where in dungeon lies
Everything that happened here in this place
I will never forget and will always remain


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