As much as I would like to share
My dreams of the future with you
This young woman is still unaware
On how the future of my dreams will do
Instead let us just go back to the past
Where I learned something for the present
A simple remark that was said too fast
Made my mind think up until this moment

It is about the things we possess
People or stuff, material or not
And the inkling that we have less
Anyway here it is before I forgot
You own what others like and you like what others own.
What if you just own what you like and like what you own?

  1. Like your post of “Future.” I wanted to know how you got the link associated with the word “future” underlined? That is how do you link them? I have tried unsuccessfully. Please help. Thanks.


    • Thank you!

      On the Visual tab while making a new post, just highlight the word you want to put a link on and click the link icon (the one beside the right alignment) and then paste the link of the site. Tell me if it works! 😉


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