Live In What Is Happening


─ Heather Hepler

I could think a lot of things from this quote. Expectation, disappointment, regret, realization, acceptance, and moving on. That was somewhat arranged in kinda like an order. At least to me, that is the ideal way of taking things. But why does it seem like we all get stuck at regret? Or we just stay there far too long than we actually should? Or maybe you’re like me, who realized so much and accepted enough but somehow still finds her way back at regret, with moving on getting more and more distant.

Something terrible happened to us the previous year and the impact lasts until now. The aftermaths are still here, and it will probably stay longer that we wanted it to be. Like I said, I’ve realized so much and accepted enough, but from time to time I go back at regret. I can’t help it. It’s as if the universe is playing a joke on me that almost everything I see reminds me of what happened, and what didn’t. I know this prevents us to completely move on. Because how can we do that if we keep on coming back on the past and on thinking about the should’ve beens? We all know the answer, and yet we don’t. We all know that we need total acceptance, and yet we settle for enough.

We should live in the moment, that’s what this quote is saying, and what the others are screaming. We are not ignoring that, in fact we are totally aware of that. And I think all of us are waiting for that point in time when we’ve truly let go, and that’s probably the first of days when our hearts are heavy no more and we could absolutely live in what is happening.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Sorry for being so late. [Photo]


2 thoughts on “Live In What Is Happening

  1. A very interesting post which resonates with me a lot, however my own observation is that whatever may have happened in the past was so painful and life changing that even if you want to live in the present the past keep drawing you to that event. if you have time check out my other blog on
    Tell me what you think about my effort of living in the moment.


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