Dear John | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

You paint me a blue sky
And go back and turn it to rain


Promises. Some are done. Most are broken.

I don’t know how I really feel about this word. When our friends make promises, we almost know which will be done and which will be broken. That is because we know each other all too well. Or maybe because most of the time we say or do something that compels them to make a promise. Which, of course, as all of us know, was only made so to keep the both of you or everyone quiet.

But I know someone who makes promises only to break them. This person painted us way too many blue skies and gave us as much rain. Just imagine the lights of hope and excitement turned to downpour of lost and dullness. He’s also the one who gives me utter confusion. And let me borrow this:

He is an expert at sorry
and keeping lines blurry

Broken promises make the other person a liar in front of us. Broken promises not only hurt us but also make us lose our trust. Broken promises could be fixed for the other person could make it up for us. But the chain of lies will remain and the destroyed trust could never be repaired.

Swift Aftertaste

Bitter: The taste of the broken promises and their impact.

Sweet: The taste of accomplished promises and their rewards.

Swift Discussion

What do you think of promises?


3 thoughts on “Dear John | Swift Saturdays

  1. Exactly! I also know someone who’s an expert at keeping lines blurry. I actually can’t tolerate people who break promises. I find it hard to trust them.


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