I’m Just Starting


Warm tears run down our cold faces. Their movement is so sure, leaving a trail in the process. Sometimes the flow never stops, sometimes a drop or two is enough. And us, 20s girls, they say we cry a lot. And I agree. Tears swell up in our eyes when we remember the past, when we miss someone, when we watch a melodramatic love story, when we hear something bad directed to us, or even when we just feel like.

I know I am blunt, but I was never this emotional before. My face could be as hard as stone when I want to, looking as if I’m not hurting, looking as if I don’t care. But things change, and so are people.


Now I give a little more freedom to my emotions. My actions are not as calculated. My expressions not as restrained. I’m starting to open up more of myself. I’m becoming braver, doing things I’d rather keep in my mind before. I constantly discover new things about meβ€”my preferences, beliefs, and desires. Every day, I delve deeper into who I am and what I am, picking up the broken pieces of a mirror scattered everywhere, anywhere. In the future, maybe before I die, the mirror will be whole at last. And I’ll be able to look at the entirety of my soul, in the finest and most absolute way.

But now, I’m just wandering around on the journey of my 20s life, having turned 20 last January. I hear a lot of things about it. Some say it’s the best part, some say it’s the hardest. But we all know that it depends on the person’s perspective. Like me who’s already enjoying it.


I believe that all of us in our 20s have a lot of figuring out to doβ€”the what, who, how, and why. And of course the when and where also matters. I hope I’ll figure mine in a beautiful and exciting way, with just the right amount of wild and crazy and strange. It’s still intriguing to me, but it feels right. Even though there are yet the lengthy roads to drive along, the crashing waves to surf through, and the giant mountains to climb up. Because like I said, I’m just wandering, right? Well, at least as of the moment. But I’m certain that at the months to come, I’ll start to run. Then drive, then surf, then climb.

This is in response to the blog event Twenty Somethings. Please click the photo for the credit.


13 thoughts on “I’m Just Starting

  1. Interesting post! This is my last teen year, so this was interesting thoughts to read. Honestly, I feel like whatever age we’re at, we’ll always want change and try to figure out we want for the future. But, I do hear that the 20s is when people usually try to figure out their identity. I saw your post on the Community Pool, and I think your blog looks great for its focus. Girly but still minimalistic! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m almost not 20 anymore, yet I feel like there’s a difference between us in how we feel. I went through this pondering stage back in high school, and now I’m a wife, mother, and hold a high place in a company. I never saw any of this coming, and I have learned to surrender my ‘plans’. Your blog still shows your youthful perspective, much like the band Emery. I get the same feel from you as from them.


    1. I feel like I know what you’re talking about. Not all would work out based on our plans, and we need to learn how take the situation in. Also, I listened to some of the songs of Emery but never finished one. It’s not really my style. And thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚


  3. Just so you know you’ve made it into Twenty Somethings, Edition 1! Congrats!! πŸ™‚
    I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your submission, so if you get a chance drop me an email, so we can have a chat about it. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks again for entering!

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  4. I could relate to your post even though I`m long past the twenties. Maybe that is why I could still. all that retrospect, and what you always hear is true. Our minds, inner soul doesn’t age, we get smarter, more world wise and we evolve. But we are always still that same person inside. I can remember incidents from my twenties as if it was yesterday. I may have my own subject to blog from this. Thank you.

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    1. You know what, as I grow up and look back, I cold understand the elders better now than before. Why they said the things they said and more. You’re welcome! πŸ˜€


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