Red It


This is in response to the writing prompt Twenty-Five.

I chose to remove the first letter coz I’m suddenly feeling bold right now. But if you’ve noticed, it is undoubtedly difficult. I’ve diverted multiple times since the beginning of this post just so I could finish this without its help. But it’s troublesome! Plus I couldn’t put to use my best-loved conjunction, my precious. Oh well, I guess this is the end of it. I’m indebted, overwhelmed with the shortened version of the other words I’ve used. They’ve rescued me from this next to impossible mission, or exercise or job or something. If not for them, I could’ve gone nuts. So there you go. I’m done with this. Bye! ☼

3 thoughts on “Red It

  1. That was really impressive. 🙂 Actually, I’d say that about your whole blog. I just scrolled through a bunch of your posts. NICE! You’re obviously a wise and well-thinking 20-something (yep, read that one, too). 🙂

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