The Lucky One | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

Everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool.


Is it true? That you and I love pretty and cool? And so does everyone? The answer is yes. BUT we don’t love the same pretty, we don’t love the same cool. Because they’re subjective. What may be pretty to me may not be to you and what may be cool to you may not be to me. We have our own tastes and we see things differently. And as far as I know, you love your preferences, your choices.

It’s the media that gives us the standards, or what they think should be accepted and adorn. They create these sets of pretty and cool and they influence us into liking loving that. I admit being influenced, but now that I am wiser, I wouldn’t just let something get to me. All of us grow up, and I know and hope that we understand ourselves more as we do. In a sense that we take hold of something because we really accept it, because we believe it, and not because the people around us would want us to.

I’m a little lazy right now so let me end this post with something you already know but may not really care about:

We can never really find happiness if we continue to think of what others would say.


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