Swift Saturdays

Holy Ground | Swift Saturdays

We had this big wide city all to ourselves.


Bored. I’m bored. Yes, we had this big wide city but I haven’t got to see it yet and play around. I’m not sad, I’m just bored. And lazy. You know the feeling like you wanna do something but you won’t because it feels like you’re pouring all your energy into that. That is if you have energy. Ugh.

Anyway I know that being bored sucks and we have the power to turn it around. As to how, I’m not the perfect person to ask. Maybe Google could help. And as Taylor gladly pointed out, we had this big wide city all to ourselves. We could do a lot of exploring and roaming and traveling and doing things humans are capable of. It’s nice to think that even though we all don’t legally own a piece of land in this world, we could call it ours. Our place, our playground, our city, our world.

I found this article which I think I should share with you if ever you are bored. I’m not bored in my life, just right now, you know what I mean? But I read it anyway and it’s nice. In case you need to know how to not get bored all the time, read it! ☼


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