My Mind Unlocked


I’m never one to free write. Or should I say it’s not for me? But I guess we have to try things that we’re not used to. Maybe it could lead us to something that we’ll like. And as the popular YOLO quote goes, you’ll never know until you try. Actually, I don’t know if they go together. But they seem to, right?

Some of us have a hard time on just writing and writing. Especially for me who’s not a native English speaker. I have to construct my thoughts well before writing it down, and sometimes I think of it in my own language before translating it in English so… and it also has to sound good. Plus the fact that after finishing a sentence (or three), I’ll read everything starting from the very first word, sometimes even the title. I know some of you can relate, we do that, right?

I couldn’t think of anything more but I want to finish this challenge the way it was given so I just keep on writing. Even if most of it, if not all, doesn’t make any sense. Just like when we say something we don’t really mean, we just said it just because, or maybe it came out of our mouths without meaning to. I think those words don’t make sense. And it’s funny how sometimes arguments spring up because of them. Sigh.

I looked at what I’m writing and I’m a little proud of myself. The timer still reads seven minutes which means I have only used thirteen minutes of the given time. Wow. I wish I could write this fast. All of my posts take more than an hour to finish. I take my time and tweak it until I feel like it’s fine or good to go. And the difference between this post and everything past this one is having a limited amount of time and an unlimited topic to choose from. We could talk about anything. Just like what I’m doing.

I still don’t know if I’m gonna do more free writing especially now that I’ve tried it. Maybe I have to see first how this will come out. I’ll read this post later and tomorrow again and see if I like it. Bye! ☼


11 thoughts on “My Mind Unlocked

  1. Very nice! 😀
    I like that despite the fact that it isn’t your native language you are still writing in it.
    I’m not a native English writer but I still write in it because I like it more.
    Sometimes I have the same problems that you have during the writing but it has his satisfaction when finishing the post. 🙂
    I just want to say that you are doing a good job and keep writing 😀

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  2. I really liked your free writing. I reckon you should try it more often. It’s what I do on my site normally. I wait until I am in a writing mood then do the entire post in free writing then go back and edit. Your personality came through really nicely in this :).

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