Crazier | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

You showed me something that I couldn’t see


It’s always like this when people suddenly opened your eyes into something. I’ve said before on one of my previous posts that sometimes we just need to be reminded of the things we already know but haven’t really cared about. And when I heard this line from the song, I suddenly thought of that. I want to share that post to you as well and you could just click here to view it.

We have eyes, but we choose not to look. We have ears, but we choose not to listen. We have hearts, but we choose not to feel. That’s the case most of the time. And I also don’t understand why. Maybe that’s the reason why we need someone to show us something we couldn’t see, hear, or feel. And that person has to be someone we trust and care about. Because we’ll believe them.

The emotions we’re in couldn’t just be explained in one word, and we will not. I think our solution is the same: we make that someone feel really special. And you know the feeling, right? To be special, to know somebody cares, and to be loved.

I know the feeling. I hope you too.


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