This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt Take That, Rosetta!

Definitely Hangul.

The very first reason was because I’d want to watch Korean dramas without subtitles. But now it’s because I wanna go to Korea and experience it like a local agassi (lady).

Honestly, I can read and write Hangul already. I was in third year high school when I went online to study some of the basics and I easily learned. Since then I would write down names in Hangul and even some Filipino words that could be spelled. The only problem is I don’t understand Hangul (except for those I usually hear), for until now I haven’t got the opportunity to attend a formal class to really learn.

Waking up tomorrow and being fluent in Hangul would not surprise me. It will happen one day, I promise. Of course with the help of professionals (and some K-dramas). The first thing I’d do is call my friend who happens to be Korean. She’ll probably went mad. Okay that’s over the top, maybe she’ll be shocked then we’d talk and talk and talk. Oh, what a wonderful thought. I’m excited already!

Jigeum-eun annyeong! Bye for now!


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