The Story of Us |Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.


Silence is overwhelming. Sometimes you want it, sometimes it bugs you. It’s also deafening.

There was a time when silence almost made me mad. I hated it. I was trying to make all the silly noises I could think of just so I could hear something louder than silence. But it teases you. And they win most of the time.

I never believed in this particular saying before: Nakakabingi ang katahimikan (Silence is deafening). But I did when I was in that moment. I didn’t realize that silence would irritate me even better than my younger brother could. And I don’t want to experience something like that again. If you only know the feeling, you’d understand.

Another kind of silence that makes you sick is the one when the person you’re talking to is not speaking. Not saying anything at all, for reasons he could only think of. That is distressing. It’s hard to wake up someone who’s not sleeping as much as it’s difficult to wait for a person to talk without being mute. Who wouldn’t hate that?

But then, there’s also the silence that I like. Calm and still. Harmony and peace. Soft sound resonating. Smooth music playing. The nature humming. Just the right amount of hushed and gentle. Serene and quiet. The silence that I’d cherish.


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