I Heart Question Mark | Swift Saturdays

Swift Saturdays

I got an I heart question mark,
Written on the back of my hand


Sometimes we are torn between things we want and things we need, or the person we love and the person who loves us. But this is mainly about the things or the people we love, we heart.

It takes a while before we realize that we really love something or someone. For there are times when we thought we love them, when we actually don’t. It seems like that line from Taylor Swift (I ♥ ?) is always chasing us. Forcing us to decide, to be sure. Because life is too short for us not to know, not to be certain. For being certain or clear will make our lives much easier.

Have you tried listing down everything you heart? From colors to movies to people and dreams and passion? I feel like writing something makes it legit, just like how saying your feelings makes it more real. Because then it’s not just in your head, you brought it out, you admitted it. Try to note down everything, everyone you love, or like, and you’ll know yourself better. Play with it by categorizing what’s really special or rank it by your priorities. Add details and do anything you want, as long as you get to know yourself deeper.  Maybe you’d be surprised by how much you grew up.


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