One Night’s Dream


It happened on a dawn of a Monday while I was sleeping, obviously.

I don’t know of the place, but I remember passing by mountains while riding a scooter with a friend. Just a few meters away is a handsome guy I don’t recognize with another girl, riding one as well, following us. We stopped on a hill and took pictures for a while. Then my friend left me.

I looked around and saw the guy sitting on his scooter, smiling at me; the other girl was nowhere and I didn’t care at all. I went to his direction, stood beside him and started taking pictures of us. (I also don’t understand why, it’s a dream anyway.) We were leaning and smiling at each other, chuckling even.

Then the magic happened. He kissed me. It was a sweet act, but somehow eerie. Imagine yourself kissing back a complete stranger and actually loving it. Just, wth?!

They say that once you wake up from a dream you already forgot more than half of it. But I tried to savor that very moment. I kept in mind the gentle way he kissed me, and told myself that would be nice for a first kiss. (Yes, I never had a first kiss. And yes, that’s awfully weird.)

I woke up when his face left mine. I almost felt it was real, and how I wished it was.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.

10 thoughts on “One Night’s Dream

  1. To be honest kissing in a dream tends to be more sweet than in real life. Than again I never kissed a person I felt more than a passing attraction so what do I know about it?
    But don’t feel bad about it. I also was a late bloomer if you can call it that and had my first kiss almost two years ago when I was almost eighteen. And I didn’t like it because it was with a stranger at a party and only thing I could think of is how awfully beer tastes on someone’s tongue. Trust me, it is way better to do it with someone you genuinely like or with someone who you can see is sweet and will be nice about it, slow and gentle. Don’t feel pressured about it or think it weird.
    You are like a fucking unicorn right now and that’s awesome!
    P.S. I know for a fact that most guys find it hotter when a girl is like “unexperienced” contrary to girls that had dozens of boyfriends and friends with benefits.
    And you are pretty so just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about it

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      1. I am glad that it made you smile 😀 And like don’t worry about not knowing how to do it, it takes practice yes, but you learn quickly, kinda like slow dancing. And about people kissing badly or being afraid you’ll kiss badly, it is nothing to worry about because it depends on what you like, just like friends. With some people you will feel like best friends immediately, with some it will be okay or sometimes really bad. Same goes with your kissing partner. Some will fit, some won’t. That’s why better wait for someone you feel connected to (it can even be a stranger. Hell, I met many people at a party who I connected to better than some people I knew for years) rather than just some guy who is conveniently there and willing and you are doing it just to get it over with.
        I hope you have the best first kiss there is and good luck 😘


        1. Honestly I don’t know of anyone who had a great first kiss. They said it was fine, the excuse being because it’s their first. I’m not afraid of kissing, nor I’m anticipating it like right now. But I’m curious and waiting for the person I want to do it with.


  2. Thank you for sharing that experience. living in the moment in that dream. A bit of foreshadowing perhaps. Thank you for letting us in. Dreams are always interesting to hear, when we can remember them


    1. That’s a cute foreshadowing! But it happened so long ago and the only thing that reminds me of that is this post.

      You know if I could invent anything, I’d make a Dreamviewer or something, so I could watch all my dreams in the morning! 😉

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      1. That would be a great little thing to have/ obviously I’d erase those nightmares, but I would like to see my dreams, we have so many dreams in one night.


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