The Age of Later


We have uttered the word ‘later’ in our life the same number we have said no. Or even more than that. But what does later really mean to you? how short or long is your later?

Google informed me that later means doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time. See how it doesn’t mention a specific time? Because it varies from each one of us. My later could last as fast as five minutes or it could take days. Depending on my needs, and my mood.

How many times have we refused to do something coz we don’t have enough time for it? Or how often do we pass things up, including our friends and family, for later? Sometimes we even forget we said that.

We use later as an excuse for our laziness and cowardice. You’re so tired you couldn’t take on a project when all you did was watch your favorite series on Netflix. I can’t face you now as I am not yet ready but I will some other time, later.

But what if later doesn’t come? What if later, you’re not around? The age of later is as young as your new phone or as old as a great wine. But it doesn’t have to grow as much as the wine. We have to start doing things now, right at this moment. We need to learn to move with time, so we don’t miss some things out. It’s not easy, but overcoming later means a step closer to being productive and brave. And who knows, maybe you might enjoy life better without later.


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