Through Forgiveness


I always hear people say “Who am I not to forgive when God does?” if asked about forgiving someone. But I just realized that that perception is somehow distorted, even if it’s still right.

I received a book as a gift and it’s designed to be read everyday, hence the title Daily Boosters For The Heart. I don’t read it daily though, I read in bulk and only when I feel like. One particular “pill” talked about forgiveness.

“When we forgive, we get forgiven,” it said.

And that I think should be one of the main reasons to forgive someone. The other two on my list are: forgive to let go of the burdens on our hearts that keep hurting us and forgive because it renews relationships and builds greater ones.

Forgiving just because others do, or just because God does is out of the picture for me. It must be our own decision with our given reasons. When we forgive others, I believe we are also forgiving ourselves. And when we forgive, we truly are forgiven. Because all of us made a mistake somehow, we have sinned to those people who matters to us, and that makes us all a patient to the same sickness which will only be cured through forgiveness.


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