Overthinking to the extent of making my heart feel light and believing that everything will be fine. (Yes, overthinking in a positive way, coz I made it possible.) When in a crisis, I do that. I clear my mind off the problem first and do things that will make me happy for a while until I forget that I’m actually going through something.


Of course, Reality will knock on my door after a few minutes of relaxing while having amnesia and remind me of my dilemmas. That’s when I start making plans. Still, on my mind. I never write them. Because I’m lazy. Even though I know that writing it down makes it more like a plan. And I rarely share them. Because the burden of keeping someone, or a few, posted is not for me. I prefer telling what happened if I’m past the crisis. Or whatever that is.

In response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt In a Crisis.

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