The One You Love Or The One Who Loves You



She looked up and saw two faces, both of their hands reaching out to her. The time suddenly stopped when she blinked, and brought her to a place she will never forget.

That deep hazelnut eyes she loves, the face of the man who’s numb. She’s been with him since her world began, he was more than just the best bud he thought he was.

A sound made her flinch and look the other way, the beautiful voice of the man who cares. He came in her life long enough, and didn’t waste time to show his love.

Something reeled her back in the moment, sweats trickle her skin. She was thrown in the hardest situation one could be in, to choose between the man who loves her and the man she dreamed.

Both roads are uncertain, whichever she choose, having thought about this before.

Slowly, she locked her eyes with him, smiled, and reached for his hand.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt Choose Your Adventure. [Photo]


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