Pay Me Half A Heart



He heard me and C talking about the bracelet. I accepted it but I’ll pay half the cost for I don’t find any reason he should be giving this. C said that he saw it on a souvenir store and it reminded him of me. Which is actually sweet, had it come from another person.

After a couple of minutes, He texted me.

So if I give you my heart, you’ll pay with half of yours? That’s more than enough you know.

I swear I couldn’t contain my happiness when I read that. It was his first message to me, so I just smiled wholeheartedly and let it be.

Daily Post’s writing prompt Always Something There to Remind Me. After listening to Half A Heart by One Direction, I came up with this. And it’s also kind of like a sequel to The Wall. I just noticed they could go together. [Photo]


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