Girl in the Future


The girl is bored. She wants to fly, run away, escape, and be free from all the limitations preventing her to live her life the way she wants to.

A life full of sins and wrongdoings.

She pictures herself stealing some rope down her best friend’s hardware store and tying the man, who sexually assaulted her, naked on a tree with the constrictor knot she just learned doing. That would be the bravest (and stupidest) thing she’s ever done and the most fulfilling revenge she could think of.

A life centered to herself.

She won’t just listen anymore. Gone are the times when she will put her responsibilities first than what she truly wants to do. The guilt building inside her will be forgotten. Her pleasure is more important than the honor she brings to her family.

A life outside this four walled room.

She fancies signing an apartment lease in another country where she can be anything she desires to be. Don’t get her wrong, she loves her room so much as it is the only thing she considers home; but sometimes you have to leave home, and find another one.

The dull sound of the bell that signifies dinner’s ready rang three times, pulling her back to the present. Today’s traveling to the future is a good one, thought the bored seventeen year old girl.

What a life!

Writing 101’s Task: A story in a single image & Recreate a single day.


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