I could easily incorporate love in today’s prompt. A mere mention of expressing one’s emotion to someone else sounds frightening enough. And the next thing most millennials are afraid of: falling in love.

Or I could also write down a list of things that scares me, like speaking in front of a crowd or dyeing my hair blonde, with matching explanations why they scare me and how to get rid of them.

But I will always go back to my first post, What Are We Afraid Of.

Big or small, we are afraid of something. But why are we afraid? Really. I could write down a long list of things that Iā€™m afraid of. But not a single acceptable reason as to why. We live once, they say. And reasons will just sound like excuses.

However, I suddenly thought of something that could be the most terrifying yet: how my mind works and what I could do to myself, or to anyone, for that matter. Maybe the thing that we’re most scared to do is what we can do when all we think of is ourselves.


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