I recently read a post about happiness and what struck me the most are the first two paragraphs. It questions the quest for happiness and why everyone strive for it even though it’s not constant.

Emotions are not fixed states, they ebb and flow. We do not expect to always feel angry or sad so why does a state of happiness feel like something we should aim for?

I was suddenly asking myself the same thing after reading it. And then I thought of all the other emotions out there and their importance.

I think the emotions build each other up. You wouldn’t be happy unless you’ve experienced being sad. You wouldn’t have known anger unless you’ve been calm. You wouldn’t recognize courage unless you’ve met fear. And you wouldn’t feel this certain emotion unless you’ve learned of their opposite.

Happiness, however, is the state everyone wants to be in because, let’s face it, who wants to be sad? But we should also allow ourselves to take in different emotions. Feel them and give time for them to stay. Ponder some more and reflect on the contrasting moods they offer. Be a little more comfortable and you might find yourself less troubled.

Almost all of us are struggling for happiness, and I don’t think it’s a good sight.


7 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. This reminded me of Passenger-Let her go song. On point. I think we all work so hard on finding happiness, yet we are not ready to accept to experience the happy, you have to go through sadness! Thought provoking read.

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    1. Let Her Go, one of the songs that make me go ‘aww’. The word struggle is what made it sad. If you search the meaning of happiness in Google, even the example sentence would say “she struggled to find happiness in her life.” It’s like when you talk about happiness, it’s automatic that we struggle, strive for it. We always talk about it like it’s out of reach.

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  2. Thank you so much for referencing and linking to my post on The Quest for Happiness V Attitude Gratitude. I am really pleased that it got you thinking and you have written a post about your thoughts.I agree we need to allow space for sadness, anger, pain etc. They are just as valid as happiness. Nice post.

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