scary at times


Writing is scary. At times.

I’m scared of it because once you write, things get more real than ever. Like your feelings for someone: hatred, love, anger, jealousy, etc.

That’s why most of us write indirectly, because we fear the emotions creeping in our hearts and minds. We feel, and we know, that once they’re written down, we can’t get away from it. Or that it’ll be hard to get away from it.

But we can’t help but write. To document, to express, to whatever reason why we do so. And we should never stop. No one should.


6 thoughts on “scary at times

  1. I think writing about stuff can lead to greater understanding. It’s true that it can make stuff more real, but then if nothing is real in your life then is your life even real? Um, I think that makes sense.

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    1. Yes, it makes sense. It’s just really hard for us to admit some things, we keep on denying but the truth is, we’re just afraid of our real feelings. We tend to stay in our comfort zones as much as we can.


  2. I agree. I think there’s something about putting things down in words that makes it become something real we can touch. I too, am committed to turning myself and my life into words on a page. I feel that’s the only way anything makes sense.

    Good luck with your writing pursuits 🙂

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  3. Even of we are indirect, deep down we know what triggers us to feel a certain way. Behind every indirect thought written down is a step taken closer to pure honesty. Like breaking a shell.

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