conceal no more


The invisible cloak 
doesn’t work on me 

I was revealed. 

He doesn’t just pass by; 
now he looks at me in the eye. 

And in that fleeting moment, 
I always make sure 
his gaze will catch mine.

Daily Post’s Fleeting and Conceal


4 thoughts on “conceal no more

  1. Something in the last line of that third stanza just throws me slightly. It seems a little off rhythm in comparison.
    I really like the first stanza though.If you don’t mind me saying though. I think it would have worked well as a single line. I know the line breaks attract attention to individual words but it such a great statement. Out of the poem, that is the bit I kept going back to.

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    1. That first stanza was really just a line, and yes I decided to break it into three to add more drama. This little poem gives off a sweet vibe compared to all the other poems I’ve made, it’s light and hopeful. And somehow the line ‘now he looks at me in the eye’ (if that’s what you’re talking about) adds to that mind of feeling. Thanks Carol!


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