whoever said that


They say that when you’re thinking of something that you want, you just have to keep your fingers crossed and you will get it.

So, I did. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I have you.

They also say that when you said something you don’t really mean, you just have to add the phrase “knock on wood” to prevent it from happening.

I did that and it worked, I swear.

And they say that when you see a shooting star, just close your eyes and quietly make a wish, for it will come true.

That, I also did.

But whoever said that, I don’t believe them. Whoever said those, I don’t believe them. 

Not this time. Not when crossing all my fingers to the point of twisting them aren’t enough to make you stay. Not when saying “knock on wood” after screaming at you to leave doesn’t make you stop from walking out the floor. And not when wishing upon a shooting star, upon all the freaking shining stars out there a hundred times turns me into a fool who’s still waiting for you to come back. 

So come back and make me believe them again. 

Daily Post’s Superstition.


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