the people we meet


According to the quote I have read somewhere, there are two reasons why you meet people in your life: you need them to change your life or they need you to change theirs. While I don’t completely agree to the idea, it is something that will make you stop to reflect on your life and the people around you. 

Since I’ve come upon this quote last year, every time I meet someone new, I think of what could their purpose be on my life. While I don’t really believe that one would be the sole reason for changing the path one takes or whatnot, I do accept that each person we let in our lives influence us and tweak us—principles, beliefs, values, opinions—which then changes us as a whole. No one is ever the same person today the way he or she has been yesterday. 

Last night got me thinking and I’ve concurred that it’s very fascinating to deem that what you are and who you are is the perfect combination of all the people you meet and will continue to meet. Growing up would make you hold on to certain principles but as the time passes by, some will be shaken and destroyed and the others will be altered, which I think is essential as it makes us wiser. And also, holding on to life is much more important than being so grounded that you forget change is constant and adapting is an ability all of us must be good at. 

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3 thoughts on “the people we meet

  1. Hello, my Bittersweet friend! I have missed you. Great to see you again. I love your thoughts on the people we meet. I also agree. Sometimes you don’t find out until later how someone influenced you and other times you find out immediately. I have come to the conclusion that life is filled with lessons. Good thoughts! ❤

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