without much deliberation


Ideas, projects, dreams, feelings. I have countless of those, and many more things. We all have, that sometimes we get all too caught up we forget to focus on one aspect of our lives at a time.

We wanted to do, to finish, a lot of things on the same day, to be as productive as much as we can, but it’s only reducing the quality of what we’re doing. It’s breaking our creativeness and our energy into parts, trying to fill in all holes without much deliberation, without considering that putting your heart out or focusing on one will give you only the best result, if not perfect. We’re trying too hard, writing down all our ideas for a project that might never be because you thought of a better one, setting aside the previous idea and the rest before that. We dream a lot, and even though there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing right that we do to achieve it either, we just let them be our dreams when we can actually pick the one we like most and start working our butts off for it to be our reality. And sometimes, we want to feel too much, we demand more from ourselves (and the others) what we know all of us can never give, which just makes us sad—the one feeling we don’t want.

So without much deliberation I wrote this, to feel sorry for myself—for trying too hard, for dreaming a lot, and for wanting to feel more. And in case you found yourself in my shoes, maybe we can stop for a moment and start to deliberate our lives.

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4 thoughts on “without much deliberation

  1. This was well said in such few words! I too feel obligated to multitask, to keep doing more, just to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day! But lately I’m so worn that I’m unable to get anything done! Nice read! Thanks!

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