feelings & adventure


never-prepared-quote-adventure-Natalie Standiford

Knowing yet never being prepared is an adventure in itself. Even if you know what’s gonna happen, I think you can never prepare your feelings; I can attest to that.

Our feelings have their own life, and they create their own adventures. Sometimes they wanna play with us and sometimes they unite with our hearts. They also make us wonder at times if a certain feeling is ever ours.

It makes me think if the word ‘prepared’ really exists. Maybe it’s just an illusion to calm us down.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]


2 thoughts on “feelings & adventure

  1. The Next Adventure always remains a mystery shishi.It’s always the journey we remember not so much destination always the road it took to get there along with our feelings of excitement etc. during the time. Always nice

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