the lady kept her mouth shut


An eerie silence
Mouths parting
Background noises
Strangers sighing
A movie house
Love unrequited
Eyes searching
Losing ahead
A heavy rain
Hearts racing
Quiet minds
Moon rising
An obvious sign
Both falling
Dumb mistake
Confined feelings

Daily Post’s Obvious and Mistake.

P.S. Please take time to read it slowly.

  1. Red Mountain Motel said:

    I like that you added that postscript, I went back and reread it, slowly. I enjoyed the first reading, but I did get so much more of an idea of the emotion behind the poem by taking my time…line by line….I think I felt a sort of dull frustration being conveyed. Is that what you were expressing? I have a tendency to apply what I read to my own life, so I may have missed your meaning. You definitely caused this reader to emotionally respond though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for expressing your interpretation of the poem!

      While I wasn’t exactly expressing frustration, now that I read my writing again with that idea in mind, I could say that yea the poem kinds of give out that feeling when someone reads it, I felt it too this time. This is more of sharing tho a story about ‘the lady who kept her mouth shut’ all throughout until the feelings died down. There’s a tinge of regret, a little bit of anger, and a lot of playing with words to bring out more emotions. Thanks again!

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      • Red Mountain Motel said:

        I definitely get that sense of regret, thank you for giving me more insight!

        Liked by 1 person

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