the lady kept her mouth shut



An eerie silence
Mouths parting
Background noises
Strangers sighing
A movie house
Love unrequited
Eyes searching
Losing ahead
A heavy rain
Hearts racing
Quiet minds
Moon rising
An obvious sign
Both falling
Dumb mistake
Confined feelings

Daily Post’s Obvious and Mistake.

P.S. Please take time to read it slowly.

3 thoughts on “the lady kept her mouth shut

  1. I like that you added that postscript, I went back and reread it, slowly. I enjoyed the first reading, but I did get so much more of an idea of the emotion behind the poem by taking my time…line by line….I think I felt a sort of dull frustration being conveyed. Is that what you were expressing? I have a tendency to apply what I read to my own life, so I may have missed your meaning. You definitely caused this reader to emotionally respond though.

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    1. Thanks for expressing your interpretation of the poem!

      While I wasn’t exactly expressing frustration, now that I read my writing again with that idea in mind, I could say that yea the poem kinds of give out that feeling when someone reads it, I felt it too this time. This is more of sharing tho a story about ‘the lady who kept her mouth shut’ all throughout until the feelings died down. There’s a tinge of regret, a little bit of anger, and a lot of playing with words to bring out more emotions. Thanks again!

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