fade and vanish


Flee—it has become the word that her heart has been pumping. To run away, fade, and vanish.

Ambitions turn into demons controlling the mind, dreams are screaming where are we going with this life?

Fade and vanish. Away from this free world prisoning her to live the way she likes. 

And maybe die. 

12 thoughts on “fade and vanish

  1. I was able to relate because sometimes we all feel like that! Sometimes I feel I really want to flee from everything!! I know I’m a blessed mother, but everyone has dark days!!
    I won’t be able to say it into words, maybe it’s fear because no one would accept it!! I don’t deny being happy having two beautiful kids, but still, there are those days when I feel that I don’t have time for myself!! All those dreams and ambitions that once I had, I can’t achieve any now!! though Blogging is the best way I’m able to flee through!!
    This is why I felt that your post has touched me somehow!!

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    1. Ohhh thanks for sharing! I’m actually also afraid since we never really know what’s coming next and sometimes running away from everything seems like the best and most inviting escape! We keep living anyway. Thanks again!


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