Lion City & wild friends


The Lion City welcomed us in its perfectly ordered jungle beaming with joy. It was our first time traveling abroad with no one to really guide us so it felt like we just got out of our own cage in the form of our country. Everything was new and exciting and wonderful. Everyone is different and unique and beautiful. Singapore is a fast-paced place best shared with friends and I’m very lucky to have traveled with mine disguising as wild creatures but with really kind hearts inside.



This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project. 


6 thoughts on “Lion City & wild friends

  1. Woah. I’m blown away by your pictures!! When I’m a few years older I’m planning to be a big-time traveler, and these pictures made me want to travel even more! 😀 I’m impressed! Keep up the great work

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    1. Traveling is one of the things that makes me wanna survive in this world, so please do! There’s so much beauty and we have to witness them!

      Thanks for those encouraging words, Hannah! 🌞

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