What keeps me alive


When I’m not traveling to a new place, I’m probably attending an arts event. Now that’s something I would like to happen everyday, but life only allowed for it out of my usual work-home routine. Watching local independent films and gazing at beautiful artworks give me the same feeling as when I’m traveling. They excite me in ways I couldn’t explain and they leave me speechless for a moment. Sometimes I just stand there taking everything in. And it’s in those instances can I hear my heart beating so loud, so loud I am very grateful I’m alive.


This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project. 


5 thoughts on “What keeps me alive

  1. Gratitude for being alive is such an impossibly wonderful feeling. I sometimes go long stretches of time not truly enjoying life, but in those moments I feel grateful, this whole crazy life seems worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this ❤

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    1. Well there are moments when we take life for granted. I guess we only have to find our way in being grateful even for the smallest of things. Thanks for dropping by!


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