As I’ve said on one of my Instagram posts: I’ve a strange fascination with lampposts and the stories they witness, the secrets they hold.

The lamppost outside Fotofabrik Studio probably carries a load of stories and secrets. It easily became one of my favorite hangout places in the city where I met like-minded people sharing love for the art of film photography.

Both pictures were taken during my first night at the studio which lasted until about the wee hours of the morning. I used an expired Fuji Superia 100 which came with my Olympus Pen EF.

FOWC’s prompt: Lamppost

5 thoughts on “Fotofabrik

    1. Oohh walls, I’m thinking patterns, textures, graffitis, etc. so many things going on with walls! Right now, I’m practicing portrait photography. Good luck with yours and enjoy!

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