#RiseUpTogether, Pride March 2018. A gathering of people who wanted to celebrate diversity and most especially, love. It’s important to rise up together and keep fighting for the equality and respect every human being deserves.

Cosina CT-1 Super
Fuji C200 & Kodak Ultramax 400 (expired)


Share My Blue


I might thank pain
for punching me

I am a pathetic girl
full of misery

Right now,
I perceive myself
as a burden too

For earlier,
I bothered friends
to share my blue

So, Come Back


The sky cleared up
But only for a while
The storm came back
As you waved goodbye

Swimmer’s Prompt: Clouds.



In a tropical country like ours, you’ll find summer almost every month. I did on November 2017! More than six different places on six consecutive days. On my first day, I already conquered two waterfalls in Valencia and walked around the city of Dumaguete. Then I found myself swimming with the turtles in Apo Island and riding the last ferry trip to the mystical island that is Siquijor where I spent Day 3. Sipalay, the most remote place I’ve been to so far, followed next and then I went to Bacolod before finishing it off in Guimaras. It sounds tiring, but Capilay Spring Park and Cambugahay Falls calmed me down, Tinagong Dagat and Sugar Beach reenergized me, Bacolod chicken inasal and Guimaras mango pizza filled me up, and the travelers I met inspired me with their stories. Yes, it is tiring, but the joy I felt in my heart is tenfold the ache I felt in my body. I don’t mind doing it all again if you ask me.

This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project.

four of a kind


The woman confused the girl
with no social cues

The girl fell for the man
with an awkward bruise

The man delighted the boy
with no smart views

The boy cried for the woman
with some awful issues

glass of comfort


Comfort comes from a glass at times when one could not find it anywhere. A cup of tea is no different from a shot of vodka, or in my case, a mug of hot tablea.

Photo Challenge: Liquid

when laughter isn’t enough


I’m generally doing okay in the state where I’m in right now but sometimes at night I miss the feeling of tears falling down my cheeks. It’s weird but at the end of some days I find myself longing for the me from months ago, anxious and crying effortlessly because of a lot of things, or the lack of some. Is it just me or does pain really grow into you that you’d go looking for it at times when your life seems boring?

Daily Prompt’s Laughter.

P.S. I wrote this October of 2017, I don’t know what got into me. Anw, it would be nice to hear your thoughts about it!

the coolest summer


Three provinces, six islands, seven days. Summer of 2017 was the best I’ve had so far. From rock formations and waterfalls in Northern Samar to long sandbars and breathtaking views in Leyte. Sambawan Island made our jaw drop with its natural beauty and Kalanggaman Island is a paradise on its own. As if those weren’t enough, I traveled farther down to Cuatro Islas, where the stunning islands of Apid, Digyo, and Mahaba make up for the simplicity of life. Since I still have time, I explored the city of Baybay and even slept at the beautiful campus of Visayas State University. I missed what could have been the best sunset when I left for Tacloban right after chilling at Lintaon Peak. It didn’t end there though, as my wild spirit decided to walk along San Juanico Bridge alone. I still consider it the scariest 25 mins of my life to be honest. And this summer getaway the coolest.

This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project.