Categories Dictionary

Honestly, I couldn’t think of any categories. It was difficult arriving at what is now listed here, even though it looked as if I just picked them out of what I already have—the blog title and the blog address. More so, what I didn’t think of was the way the readers would understand the title of each category. So I gave them a definite meaning in order for us to stand on the same ground.

Awards: this one’s a given, but for the sake of a dictionary like, here it is: all the awards that TheStrangeHer receives

Bitter: posts that talk about something unpleasant and at the same time, dealing with and getting away from it; they are usually associated with what the author feels

Photography: mostly photo challenges or prompts

Poetry: (the name says it all) after joining Writing 201 for Poetry, I decided to write one from time to time and store it here

Short Story: I rarely write short stories but I figure they deserve their own home

Strange: something new, something different, something uncategorized (although they are, technically)

Sweet: all about being happy at the moment, feeling light-headed, and bringing positivity to everyone; and probably something that will make you smile yet think at the same time

thestrangehertravels: I started traveling 2016 and will never stop. I created travel photo essays to share the places I’ve been and the sensations I’ve felt!

All categories are subject to change with or without prior notice. *.*

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