raw beauty of Talisayen Cove


We owned Talisayen Cove for 24hrs. The month was November, the weather was great, and no other group of campers decided to stay there, not even for a day tour. Calm and quiet, untroubled and excited, fun and fulfilling—just some of the words to describe what we felt in that moment. We were disconnected from the world, and as selfish as it could be, we enjoyed it. Sometimes, the simplest way of living makes up the grandest days of our lives.


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Hundred Islands & more


How does it feel going to a place out of a movie you love? Ecstatic. And more. That’s what I felt when I went to Alaminos, Pangasinan. A smile was plastered on my face all day especially when I saw familiar spots from the film Sana Dati by Jerrold Tarog. Although I frowned for about an hour out of dizziness from our helmet diving, that and the scary corals didn’t prevent me from being thrilled and overjoyed. My spirits came back after ziplining and I had all the energy needed to climb the view deck from one of the islands. We also headed to Bolinao and explored more, keeping the positive vibe and bringing the sunshine wherever we go.



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Mayon Volcano & other firsts


First times—things we never forget. The trip to Legazpi marked my first experience in riding one of the greatest inventions of all time, the airplane. And it wants to be remembered in a between-pesky-and-amusing way because before we landed in Albay we had to ride two airplanes with the thick clouds being the culprit, it was also the first time I kind of hated clouds for existing.

However, all our annoyance and discontent went away when we caught sight of the magnificent perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. It’s so beautiful you would stare at it every chance you get.

This vacation also marked the first of the numerous travel I’ll be having with my loves, the Zizis. And unlike the deserted Vanishing Island we visited, our friendship will remain.

This post is part of #thestrangehertravels photo essay project. 

One Word Photo Challenge: Windy


girl-beach-hair-flip-waves-wind-failAn awkward pose of a girl whose trying to flip her hair like they do in movies while the waves wrap her foot before engulfing her.

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a day at the beach


Today’s task is to try a new posting style. And honestly, I found it harder choosing pictures than thinking words. Lol

I was thinking if I’m gonna publish this or not. But then I thought, let go and be happy!