the lone chair on a long shore


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The picture evokes different kinds of emotions, but mostly the melancholy ones. Like waiting for something or someone that would never come.

P.S. Ever since I took this photo it has been etched on my mind. I hope you really feel something out of it.

things get bleak


Some bridges burn
Some things get bleak
Some people hurt
Some friends don’t speak

a little more time


Sometimes, I look at the things other people wouldn’t even take time to notice, like this gate in an old art deco building. 

I’m always fascinated with old, abandoned, or preserved places, and vintage stuff. It feels like they have so many stories they wanna share and if you only give them a little of your time, you’d appreciate them more. 

Honestly, if you give anything or anyone a little more of your time, you’d appreciate and maybe understand them more. 

Photo Challenge: Curve



I’m not sure what type of butterfly that is, but it managed to come in our house two Decembers ago and decided to stay on the ceiling. As much as I would like for it to stick around because I think it’s really enjoying its lone time, I know that it will enjoy its life more outside our humble home. So after taking a couple of pictures, I gently picked it up and let it go just outside our door.

I felt bad that I intervened in the butterfly’s solitude, but I was glad when I saw it flying away.

Photo 101’s Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

Illustration of Love



When I read the daily prompt, I easily remembered this certain photo and the caption it has. Now when I see this, I think of the happy moment from when my workmates and I were just having fun and making #hugot (I highly suggest you click the link to find out). The caption was just the first two sentences of a beautiful prose poetry by Chris. And don’t worry, for I already thanked him for that.

Daily Post’s Contrast.

Photo Challenge: Time


And there he was, anticipating for Time to recognize his weary heart.

Photo Challenge: Time