Let’s Talk About Clothes


Oh my gawd I love clothes! And shopping, of course. If only I have all the money I need for me to buy everything I want I already have a house for a wardrobe.

Appearance is a tricky thing. Some people look nice on whatever they wear and some people don’t. My main goal is to be comfortable on clothes I use without losing the style I want. And to dress appropriately. First impressions don’t last, I know, and one of these impressions I get from clothes. Don’t put on something for the sake of being clothed (unless your plan is to stay at home all day) because that is obvious. Put a little effort. What you wear somehow represents you; they speak of you.

If you’re not a fan of dressing up, keeping it simple is nice too. I actually want it that way sometimes. One thing that really gets me is being neat. When I see a person that looks clean with his clothes, I look longer than the usual. And most of the time looking clean has something to do with keeping it simple.


Shopping. I want to shop alone, the reason being I trust myself better than before. When I’m with a friend or someone, you couldn’t help but ask their opinion. And of course most of the time, the two of you differ. It’s not like you have the same taste or you prefer the same style. We have unique personalities (and I don’t think I should be mentioning that coz it’s overrated) and we make our own choices. She may like the dress but you wouldn’t even look at it; you may like the shoes she dreads. It’s complicated. So I advice you to shop on your own. That way you could go about the mall without thinking of your companion, because you don’t have one! And you could choose the things you really want, not what the others want. It’s you who’ll use them anyway.

This is in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man. [Photo]