If Only



If only
falling in love
with you
is as certain
as the day ends,
our life
would be easier.

But I
fell in love
with him
as certain
as the day ends,
then him
to someone else.

Daily Post’s Inevitable. [Photo]

look and fall


If you could see me now
you might fall in love with me.

My hair is tied back
I’m wearing a blue top
Bottled water in hand
Little to no makeup

If you could see me now
you might fall in love with me.

If you could see me now
will you look and fall?

Daily Post’s Earworm.

Love Love Love


I’ve read a really interesting article last month and it was To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This. You might be raising your eyebrows now just like what I did when I first read the title but that’s completely normal and valid, especially for those of us who believe that romantic love doesn’t work that way. But I read it anyway; you know how curiosity works, right?

The writer, Ms. Catron, shared her experience on trying Dr. Arthur Aron’s study which was to make two strangers fall in love with just a series of questions. Although they didn’t really follow the procedures for the experiment, Ms. Catron and her partner fell in love and according to her:

Love didn’t happen to us. We’re in love because we each made the choice to be.

I was hesitant at first and didn’t want to read the 36 questions, but I looked into it anyway. They were divided into three sets, each one designed to reveal more about the person than the previous. After answering everything, the strangers have to stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes. Yes, four-super-long-minutes-that-feels-like-a-year to people who have just met. You wouldn’t even do that to a close friend unless it’s a dare or you have a reward after.

However, the weird thing is, I want to try it. I wanna try it even though I still believe that romantic love isn’t something that comes out of an experiment. Because love is an unexplainable thing, one that you can’t reason out. But I’m allowing myself to consider a small probability of falling in love to a stranger through an experiment. I just need someone who is also open to the idea. And I don’t think I will meet him any time this year. Or ever.

The quote mentioned above had me asking, does love happen or do we choose it?

A question I have yet to figure out.