fate is the enemy


The boy who cried move
was the one who can’t let go.
The girl who cried please
was the one who walked alone.

The stance that they took
was the fate they received.
But the fate is the enemy
becoming distant is the creed.

feelings & adventure


never-prepared-quote-adventure-Natalie Standiford

Knowing yet never being prepared is an adventure in itself. Even if you know what’s gonna happen, I think you can never prepare your feelings; I can attest to that.

Our feelings have their own life, and they create their own adventures. Sometimes they wanna play with us and sometimes they unite with our hearts. They also make us wonder at times if a certain feeling is ever ours.

It makes me think if the word ‘prepared’ really exists. Maybe it’s just an illusion to calm us down.

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When The Forces Unite



Have you ever believed the word fate?
I guess that is what too much coincidences are.
The universe hardly makes a mistake.
Because they want the two of you to go so far.

It is like a story of a great forbidden love.
All the people around does not approve of you.
But what could they do with the forces above?
That fights for your souls all the way through.

This is in response to the blog event Writer’s Quote Wednesday. [Photo]